Building a new fanless and silent server and NAS

I wanted a low-power micro server to have a permanent personal point of presence online to support my own operations. Main usages range from hosting some Git repositories to sync my data on OwnCloud and run HTTP servers.

Using a single board PC (raspberry-pi style) was a bit limiting as I wanted to have ZFS running with at least a mirrored zpool (so I needed SATA connectors and at least 8 GB of RAM).

Another requirement was low power consumption: I don’t want to notice the effect of this thing on my power bill.

Last important requirement was silence: I will have to sleep in the same room as my server. So, I decided for a completely fanless design, which also (necessarily) conciliates the low power consumption.

Shopping list

With a budget in mind of < 400 Euro, this is what I bought:

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