Sync elementary OS Calendar with your google calendar

Screenshot from 2018-03-11 12.58.53Syncing your google calendar with the elementary OS Calendar application is super simple, but not obvious. I had initially tried, then noticed that it wasn’t working and forgot about it. After all, I normally always use on a pinned browser tab on any computer or OS that I use.

First of all, create a new calendar of “Google” type, enter your google username (no need for “”):

Screenshot from 2018-03-11 13.02.47

You will be then asked for a password:Screenshot from 2018-03-11 13.04.43

Go to your google account settings and under the “Signing in to Google” section, you will find an “App passwords” setting.

Generate a new password for the elementary Calendar, then use it in the “Calendar authentication request” dialog.

And that is it.

11 thoughts on “Sync elementary OS Calendar with your google calendar

  1. Um, so where is this option to generate an app specific password? I have tried this several times today, and have found no such option on any of my Google pages.

  2. I have tried this but didn’t seem to sync the calendar at all. Does it take a while? I’ll wait it out a bit and see what happens. I am using Elementary OS Loki with latest updates installed.

      1. Well. After a day still not synched. I’ll try and reconfigure it again see if it works. I use the laptop as a daily driver but I also got my phone synced up. So it isn’t really that of a rush.

  3. this method doesn’t work anymore. the agenda app doesn’t even try to ask for a password.

    Though, while it does this on elementary, I could make it work on an ubuntu with pantheon desktop. The app looks for google credentials registered in gnome, making it work. But there’s no way to do this in pantheon while you can in gnome.

  4. The calendar is not syncing because the configuration is set to block the access of non secure aplications, you must go to your googler account configuration and allow non secule aplications.

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