Sync elementary OS Calendar with your google calendar

Screenshot from 2018-03-11 12.58.53Syncing your google calendar with the elementary OS Calendar application is super simple, but not obvious. I had initially tried, then noticed that it wasn’t working and forgot about it. After all, I normally always use on a pinned browser tab on any computer or OS that I use.

First of all, create a new calendar of “Google” type, enter your google username (no need for “”):

Screenshot from 2018-03-11 13.02.47

You will be then asked for a password:Screenshot from 2018-03-11 13.04.43

Go to your google account settings and under the “Signing in to Google” section, you will find an “App passwords” setting.

Generate a new password for the elementary Calendar, then use it in the “Calendar authentication request” dialog.

And that is it.


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